Tuesday, September 14, 2004

fresh off the blog

As if JR wasn't getting his fix after stuffing his fingers in myriad blogs all across the blogosphere, Sudarshan just uncovered a can of honest bile from the other side of the outsourcing tunnel. It's called Outsourcee, and believe you me, it's honest.

And that brings us back to JR's latest finger pie. A PuneTOI (Pune Times [of India(sic)] bile-a-thon imaginatively (and appropriately?) titled A Cruel Waste of Forests. Somehow it seems like an impolite sequitur to mention that (thanks to a kind email note from JR (again!)) the PTOI (pron: ptooey!) has a nice little article about the hitherto unsung (except in an esoteric fashion offering some competition to the secrecy of the freemasons -- and that has now become another inside joke too --) eclectic pursuits at the BC Lawns of COEP (currently going through an identity crisis following a change in appellation). The details for those of who who subscribe to the tree-killer are Page 17 of the Pune edition of the September 14, 2004 issue of the Times of India. The article is titled "Quiz Me If You Can". Incidentally, it pains me so to announce that the URL stems from the TOI E-Paper effort, which, in true TOI fashion, works only in Internet Explorer and you have to go through one of those sign-off-your-life registration deals (in simple speak: get an indiatimes.com id). Call yourself Pappu Pager. Or Munna Mobile. Or Ipsitha Immobile. Or even Puny Thames. Who cares.

[more germane URLs may be found in JR's post]

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