Monday, October 25, 2004

lowbie fun ... unanswered questions and a visitor from outer space

The unimaginatively titled Phantom from Space makes a DVD début courtesy Alpha Video Classics. The print quality is suspect, and there aren't any special features. But the flick itself boasts several aspects of merit: no explanations are offered; as soon as the opening credits roll off, you are plunged into the action; and even after the film has ended, we have no answers, we just have a close encounter of the third kind to ponder. Budgetary constraints seem evident when a voiceover provides an explanation of the dragnet set up to catch the alien in the latter half of the film. And there's the tapping code (another unexplained motif). This is like The Day the Earth stood still minus the convenient explanations. And this is Close Encounters of the Third Kind minus the SFX gloss and soaring moments of emotion. A simple low-B flick that was more engaging than I thought it would be. As always, don't expect scientific coherence:)

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