Friday, October 29, 2004

misc bits

After deciding to flash skin and assets to family audiences and mix this with the usual generous blend of dance-o-rama and emotion, Bollywood seems to have taken the next step in its multi-point programme to clone Hollywood and even surpass it: trailers with English voiceovers (for a funny take on this, check out the preview for Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian). The movie: Aitraaz. This brings together the showman[sic] Subhash Ghai and dilute-duplication duo Abbas-Mastan: in a world of/with women, you either play by their rules, or .... Or what? ... nothing. from mukta arts limited, and director duo abbas mustan [pron: abbaas mustaan] comes another [what context please?] gripping tale of a woman who wouldn't stop at anything to get her man [yawn!] and a woman [shot of kareena kapoor ... now we know this is a horror/comedy] who would not let her have him ... ai_traaz [for best results: pronounce 'ai' like Mithun would!]

There are more and more reports of Priyadarshan's next directorial venture (his latest, Hulchul -- not to be confused either with the O P Ralhan flick or the Ajay Devgan/Kajol starrer -- is about to hit the screens ... and I'm sure it's a local/foreign rip-off). Although touted as a remake of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Salman Khan standing in for Jack Nicholson (deep breaths in, deep breaths out), I contend that this is simply a remake of his Malayalam remake of the Foreman flick Thalavattam, something he has been meaning to do for a long while now. [more Priyan rants and a detailed rip-ography].

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