Saturday, October 23, 2004

the soundtrack of raincoat

Quick notes on a wonderful breath of fresh music (mostly). Hope the film manages to keep my positive impression about Rituparno Ghosh intact, despite the presence of la femme Rai.

Excellent guitar throughout.

* mathuraa nagar (shubha mudgal): pilu?

* piyaa toraa (hariharan): maru bihag? yaman?

* piyaa toraa (shubha mudgal): with poetry by gulzar

* raah dekhe (shubha mudgal): should qualify as a maajhi song just for the immediate mood evoked ...

* akele ham nadiyaa kinaare (shubha mudgal): another qualifier? even the lyrics help us ... there's nadiyaa, kinaare, and even maajhii. yup.

* hamaarii galiyaa.N ho ke aanaa (meena mishra, dominated by a chorus): sounds like sapna awasthi's banno terii a.Nkhiyaa.N from DUSHMANI. and then as S says, there are a million songs like this. true. unfortunately. strict product, perhaps. more pilu.

* jug jiye (meena mishra, dominated by a chorus): very very typical. jis kii biiwii etc etc. skip.

* the sad (no pun intended) version of hamaarii galiyaa.N. skip.

I'd recommend getting it just for the hariharan (doesn't sound much like his usual self) and shubha mudgal tracks.

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