Friday, January 28, 2005

from the personal vault III [being notes on music acquired during my recent trip home (Pune, Maharashtra, India)]

Raghu Romeo [Crescendo; CD-40522] Yeah! mai.n ##hero##. What a godsend! ##strawberry## huu.N mai.n seems like the genesis of the much more popular and overplayed dhuum machaa le. Don't remember this song in the film ... However, my other favourites (mai.n ##hero##, mai.n maamuulii aadamii) and the theme and cues are all there. Along with dialogue bits that the cues adorn. Interestingly, hubby-wife Kunal Ganjawala and Gayatri Iyer share vocal talents on mai.n kaise samajhaa_uu.N -- I remember reading an interview where either GI or KG noted that they had never sung together ... faux pas, perhaps. But trivia-mongers may take note.

Aside: The DVD includes a short "making of" backgrounder, which is much better than the one on the Maqbool DVD.

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