Monday, January 24, 2005

the smell of incompetence: the tale of the maqbool DVD

It was heartening to see the Maqbool DVD. Released, like the soundtrack, on Music Today, this was a welcome addition to my growing collection of movies destined to be forgotten and inaccessible in a few several years. The disappointments are telling, especially since my memories of the screening at the Indian Film Festival at the High Museum in 2004 are still fairly vivid. The print they chose for transfer has its flaws -- is this the fate that deserving films merit??? And there are some omissions -- the most obvious one is the montage backed by Sanjeev Abhyankar's ruukhe nainaa. Further investigation is called for, but I refuse to rest until I get to the bottom of this unfair business.

Elsewhere: my take on the film | short notes on the soundtrack

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