Monday, January 24, 2005

shabd: my word: notes on the soundtrack

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  • sholo.n sii begins with a Santana-esque electric guitar riff, before moving into a mood and milieu derived from Latin-American territory.
  • khoyaa khoyaa saa is another dollop of Vishal-Shekhar's patent-pending light candy, totally rendered egregious by Sanjay Dutt's spoken word passages
  • bolo to essentially picks up where khoyaa left off, knocks out Sunidhi Chauhan, adds some e-dholak beats, and proceeds painfully to completion.
  • chaahato.n kaa silasilaa is the first song on the soundtrack that looks like it might have had some promise. Uninspired rhythm mixing put paid to that possibility, though.
  • Sukhvinder Singh's mat jaa falls in the rock-sy element-infused song genre, and unfortunately sounds vaguely like bits and pieces of several familiar songs. This is enough to destroy the song itself.
  • Next up are lifeless remixes of sholo.n sii, mat jaa (no! no! ... don't let me go, babe!) and .
  • Another version of chaahato.n kaa silasilaa pops up. That the singer is Udit Narayan is enough for me to hit next.
  • We end with The theme of Shabd, which is only marginally interesting.

In summation, VS didn't elicit too much of a "cool" response from me on this soundtrack. The words cold and uninspiring come to mind. Hope this is only a temporary setback.

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