Friday, January 28, 2005

the music of Black Friday [official site]

While Anurag Kashyap seems on his way to being responsible for another candidate for the most-seen-unreleased-film (Paanch holds the post right now) thanks to a stupid stay order (when the censors have cleared it, what's with the law???), I chose today (the slated release date for the film) to inaugurate my CD of the soundtrack that I procured with great joy while in Pune. Despite being a favourite of mine, Indian Ocean also seems like the perfect choice to provide a soundtrack that would complement the tone and content of the film. Right from the evocative strains of ba.nde through raat hinDole (listed as Badshah in Jail) to bharam bhaa.Np ke (which bears echoes of bhor), the improvisatory approach of the band (complete with vocal overlays in both Indian and Western traditions, and a strong mix of jazz, rock and funk) gives Piyush Mishra's lyrics the edge they need. And the musical cues that fill the rest of the tracklist are to die for (no pun intended). And there are able turns from guest performers Raghav Sachar (Opening Pre-Blast, Memon House), Paresh Kamath (ba.nde) and Dishad (bharam bhaa.Np ke). Indian Ocean don't really have anything to prove (given their strong ouevre thus far), but let there be no doubt, this is a great splash in the realm of soundtracks. Here's hoping they find other films that will complement their immense talent.

Sigh! It would have been a pleasure to see Kay Kay Menon, Aditya Srivastava and (surprise! surprise!) Pawan Malhotra. Perhaps, good sense and luck will prevail ... Till then the film suffers the fate portended by its title.

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