Thursday, October 13, 2005

of pride and planning: more in the Gaurav/IIPM saga {previous breadcrumb}

There's something on NDTV and the Indian Express has a short report on the events thus far. Predictably, the dean of one of the IIPM franchises denies knowledge of the notices sent to Gaurav or Varna (and forget about any of the threats to Rashmi Bansal). It's interesting to see that the amount in damages is going up steadily with each legal notice. It would be a useful[sic] exercise to find out how they arrived at the seed value and the value for increments in subsequent legal notices. Looks like something for The Generator Blog.

Gaurav also has an update on his blog. And the post for all the latest updates is on DesiPundit. In terms of a flashback, here's Rashmi Bansal's post inundated with responses from IIPM students[sic].

To add to the crazy mix, Rediff Movies has a special slide show (aka: HTML pages with Next/Prev/Start links inundated with salacious photographs and ephemeral text) on one of the greatest contributions to the institution of acting, Kareena Kapoor's figure. Stay tuned for a special series next month by Sonu Sood on method acting and another by Esha Deol on pumping iron.

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