Thursday, October 13, 2005

websiteorg {context?} [thanks to Vivek for pointers to the meaty items]

Is a very illuminating title for the flashy website of a "new age Renaissance man" whose outstanding ability is his strength to integrate macro and micro economic concepts with both strategic management techniques as well as personnel management techniques employed in organizations. At a macro level, his thoughts focus on the growing degeneration of the American socio-economic setup, the dangers of mindless imitation of the free market system and the innate strength of the Indian society.

An extract from his book Count your chickens before they hatch (which, incidentally, may be found under the Humorous Section on Fabmall)provides but one example of 24 carat BS with the new concept of strokes and the three hungers than an individual experiences (see also: Amitabh Bachchan's drunken monologue in Hum about bugs)

Every individual, irrespective of whether he is working with a large organisation or with a small one, has three levels of hunger: status hunger, structure hunger and stroke hunger. These levels of hunger meet their psycho-social needs and hence provide the drive to put in efforts, extra efforts rather. Stroke hunger results from the need to be recognised, the need to feel that one exists, the need to feel that one is important. The reader by now must be wondering what strokes actually mean. A stroke, for simplicity, can be defined as an unit of existence. It tells somebody that he exists, that he is needed, that he is being noticed. Stroke is something that we all look forward to from others around us, especially from our leaders, our managers, our mentors.

I am Jack's colon. I get cancer, I kill Jack.

A surefire giveaway is when this father of Theory "I" management quotes Boy Zone

"It's only words. And words are all I have to take your heart away" Boy Zone thankfully reminds us of the power within us to be able to become the king of hearts.
more so by bringing in the humorous human touch [sic]

Make a movie guaranteed to succeed thanks to market research like Rok Sako To Rok Lo and you become an "iconoclastic filmmaker" ...

Enough to convince you that this guy would rock as a dialogue writer for Mithun movies. Or even as a representative for Amway or Quixtar (all that swooshing music on the website should be a strong hint for those who've been recipients of a folder and an introductory CD from these great projects whose participants will never tell you what they really do)

Addendum: The "media appreciation" section is "under construction"

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