Tuesday, October 11, 2005

rok sako to rok lo
The response to Gaurav's decision has been overwhelming and encouraging. A few pointers: Amit Varma (and Instapundit's got a pointer to this), a DesiPundit post that's steadily aggregating support.

Make sure you save your copies of Rok Sako To Rok Lo. They're going to become collector's items later when the entities at IIPM are punished to the point of shameful breakdown with repeated viewings of the movie. (Harish would approve).

and we also have: JR's taking a step back from the initial reactions; his thoughts are awaited. Abhishek notes some of the samples of misguided rage from the chhatargaN of IIPM.

Unrelated update: Just realised that RSTRL has an iTrans-friendly title just as salaam namaste did! In all ignorance, Arindam saar managed a subtle coup.

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