Wednesday, February 08, 2006

a plug for Mixed Doubles

Aditya tells me that Rajat Kapoor's latest directorial venture Mixed Doubles is playing at a theatre in his part of the USA. Dang! If all is well, a DVD will soon emerge for unlucky viewers like YT. Meanwhile, Rajat Kapoor's (often unfortunately IE-only) website is teeming with lots of information (including a Film Diary) about and plugs for the film. Pluses: the promise of improvised performances; Anurag Kashyap sharing dialogue credit. Someone go see it and tell me what it's like.

Saurabh Shukla pops up again (Shukla and Kapoor seem to have decided to appear in each other's films: Mudda, Raghu Romeo, Chehra).

Old notes on Private Detective and Raghu Romeo.

Still haven't been able to find a copy of White Noise to see what Koel Puri's capable of. Damned economics of distribution.

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