Sunday, February 19, 2006

terse brevity

[an attempt to succinctly express my reaction to some of the movies I've watched]

daman {december 17, 2005}: sleeping with the enema

no entry {november 06, 2005}: the title says it all; but apparently a lot of people didn't heed the warning; so the self-congratulatory flick took oaths in the name of Reliance, plugged a Danielle Steele book, and played south indian music at a north indian wedding; who noticed; who cared; these are the people who think Bipasha looks beautiful[sic] and that the Fardeen and Salman flavours of Khan can be intentionally funny

naina {november 19, 2005}: corny yarn about an ultra-effective cornea transplant that takes you from Hong Kong to Gujarat featuring Screamila Matondkar, a Sandeep Chowta and puuryaa dhaanashrii hangover, reflective identity conflict and fast tiny end credits[breadcrumb]

pratha {january 06, 2006}: Raaja Bundela's directorial début presents a familiar tale set in Bundelkhand with decent songs (especially a folk dance), some nice plot elements, a dedication to NSD founder Ibrahim Alkazi, but weak performances and nothing much for Irfran Khan to do; a pity really, since Bundela's heart is in the right place

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