Tuesday, February 14, 2006

thiruda thiruda [a pavonine post about plagiarism nine months before nehru]

WARNING: This post gives you more insight into YT and might end up turning a lot of people off with its self-aggrandising hilt

Flashback #1: YT's interest in the English language and in words rarely used or forgotten had hit the point when YT could spout stretches of prolix laden with all the words YT had learnt over the last few weeks. A few electronic copies of such literary[sic] outpourings exist, but YT will not subject you dear reader to the pain of reading them. The point, after all that verbiage, is that YT came up with a succinct description of self and interests to put up in places that YT knew people would hardly ever visit. Like YT's home page at graduate school [an old copy thereof -- in slight shambles as far as links are concerned -- courtesy, the Wayback Machine]. While a lot of egotistic bombast made its way to public eye, the short wordy personal description got relegated to the meta tags: this included the phrase "otiose paranomasia" and the following fragment:

home page for george thomas, a member of the human race with variegated interests in myriad areas most bizarre. he chiefly indulges in trivial pursuits. he wishes to know everything you never wanted to know about nothing that ever mattered.

Aah nostalgia.

Flashback #2: YT fails to learn to restrain the urge to wax grandiloquent. The fragment becomes a part of YT's metadata (instead of home page the fragment begins with the blog) for this space when it gets set up on Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2002 [a sample of metadata stored elsewhere]. Yeah, I'm into year 5 now. Just Pancham Me.

Flashback #3: YT signs up on Orkut (a social networking creation affiliated with Google dedicated to serving bad doughnuts to members who attempt to log on) and, in a fit of inspired mosquito net tactics, posts a variation on the same riff, outdoing himself in almost every department associated with logorrhoea:

a member of the human race with variegated interests in myriad areas most bizarre; given to venomously frequent bouts of otiose paranomasia; likes to know everything you never wanted to know about nothing that ever mattered; enjoys movies that most people would not even touch with a 10-ft flagpole

Rude Present: YT stumbles onto a newly inaugurated blog belonging to a guy in Pune. And the opening fragment of the masthead reads as follows:

It doesn't take a PhD in algorithms to figure out that the edit distance between these two fragments is than an earthworm's ... um, never mind, an earthworm's self-sufficiency makes it a bad example ... but you get the idea. Time to go rose red in rage? Or time to feel flattered that a product of pompous genius[sic] finds acceptance (even though through such means)? It's probably wiser to just get over the valentine's day blues in A and turn in after reading a few more pages of Karen Elizabeth Gordon's Torn wings and faux pas : a flashbook of style, a beastly guide through the writer's labyrinth.

Must I wish a carminitive calamity on this guy or just wait for pollution to take care of him?

The mirror now lies smashed to pixie dust. This intense auto-reflective moment was brought to you by Aham Social Networks.

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