Friday, February 10, 2006

some movie notes from other parts of the blogosphere

While YT tries hard to find time and creative vitriol to dedicate to all the reeling experiences YT choses to subject himself to, YT would like to recommend some external notes that have raised many a chuckle from YT:

(fresh off the e-press) Baradwaj Rangan takes Anant Mahadevan's Hitchcock mass-filch Aksar apart {link fixed, thanks Zero and Paddy; blame it on my feed reader;)} with a touch of Hashmi. Looks like this pr0n star's on his way to garnering a cult of his own (No, I do not mean the fans who swoon at his fatuous utterances, his diseased whimpering dart board-friendly mug or his luck with the termite-resistant ladies).

(an old classic) a wonderful notice for the best Mithun film of 2005, Classic Dance of Love from Mithunist and prolific purveyor of surreal rib-tickling brevity (on occasion) Great Bong

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