Wednesday, May 31, 2006

embers of jaw-dropping shock [the last time we heard about the nose]

RGV has roped in Himesh "naakaaba.ndii" Reshammiya for the music of his almost-slated-for-Nukedom interpretation of Sholay. And the nose with a scruffy hang-under and a cap to boot will also render the famous mahabuubaa, thus likely to incite the ire of several Pancham fans and Himesh haters alike. But we have RGV's reasons plain as day: I was looking for a voice just like that of R D's and that's when Himesh happened. He is all the over place with a nasal tone, that so ably suits my song. Quite. RGV RDB's adaptation of Say You Love Me by Demis Roussos held its own thanks to his impassioned trademark vocal and some interesting experiments in the arrangements. The video and the place that the film occupies in history, laced with the nostalgia of years, fuel a very strong bias against RGV's decision. But the dude's clear on what he wants. The nose's version of the song might fit in well with the film as he envisions it. I will offer pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar me.n as evidence. Meanwhile, back to the earplugs. [*pinched nose intonation* ooooo]

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