Thursday, May 18, 2006

rediff scores an ace

image courtesy: Param Param Param !!! Wakaw !!!!
Rediff has truly outdone itself with an over-the-phone interview with the emunctory chartbusting sensation Himesh "Don't Phunk With My Nose" Reshammiya. The outpourings of this he "low profile guy" who also happens to be shy guarantee spills galore. An extract (that cannot do justice to the whole) follows (PS: click the image on the left to see the larger version):

[...]People ought to know a few things about my singing in the films…

And what would it be?

My father gave me the training in singing, and I have taken my classical singing education seriously. It is not that I became a singer overnight. Though some of songs such as Zarra jhoom jhoom (in Tom Dick & Harry) have become phenomenally successful, I always obey the person who has total control over me as a singer.

And who would that be?

It is Himesh Reshammiya, the composer. I am foremost a composer.

How do you decide on singing a song of your own in a film?

Himesh Reshammiya the composer had to give permission to Himesh Reshammiya, the singer. It is like picking a card from the deck. I think deeply before I let the singer in me get the permission.

Long live the man who, with ek baar aajaa aajaa aajaa aajaa gave the 21st century its impassioned retort to Sanjay Kapoor's aatii nahii.n.

{image courtesy: Param Param Param !!! Wakaw !!!!}

update: Coming soon to a third-rate desii theatre in the US near you, a crowded overpriced multiplex near you, a badly mastered DVD with special features at your favourite Indian grocery store in the US/UK, a heavily reused cheap VHS copy of the said DVD at your favourite Indian grocery store in the US (and the UK?): The nose that has set your ears on fire will be seen in sundry glory and is brought to you by Prashant Chaddha, the man responsible for the vying-for-world-relief-funds look that has besmirched TV screens, billboards, and the like.

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