Sunday, May 21, 2006

some online media (items old and new)

On the Wayback Engine you can find a conversation between Amartya Sen and Salman Rushdie as part of the PEN New York World Voices festival. I've had ID3 issues with the MP3 stream in Winamp, but it played fine in WMP (ugh!). The Ogg Vorbis version offered no issues. Very entertaining and enlightening. [tip courtesy: Prufrock's Page]

Next up, a series of video clips featuring outrageous sequences from the film of Nandamuri Balakrishna aka Balaya. This son of NTR has provided enough aam-aadamii-turns-super-hero material to put the likes of Baba (whose theme song boasted the largest number in the history of Indian cinema, hexadecimally speaking -- B to the A to the B to the A: go figure that one out), Indra (Chiranjeevi doing a Sharon Stone/Basic Instinct act with a ka.nDuaa), and even the most eye-popping stunt in the forthcoming Krrish. Having no understanding of the language really augments the experience.

First, a sequence from Palanati Brahmanaidu featuring a "moving" invocation and gesture.

Perhaps from the same movie is a sequence where the etymological origins of the word "digital" are echoed in a spectacular domestic scene of motion magic tail-ended with some stupendous dialogue delivery building up to the virtues of kalyuga dharma.

Get back up from the floor now for the third clip. This time we're back in the train genre with a simple jump that combines flight and new-age physics to put the likes of Superman to shame.

Which we follow up with another entry in the same space. This time around the clip shatters your foundations in relative motion, impact physics and mechanical efficiency.

We travel from the plains of trains to the promising space of an open airfield. This time it's all about a man, a plane, his blade, some blood and a tribute to Indiana Jones. Not to mention some very very cheap CGI.

We now have a tribute to Ethan Hunt, the theme music of Jurassic Park and an "I Love Rabbits" sentiment rolled into one memorable sequence. This comes from the Great Bong's memorably Mithunian take on Mission Impossible: III.

Our last offering is the longest of all the clips. But your patience will be rewarded by a dazzling display of ideas ranging from Hindu mythology, polymorphic personality disorder, Moses, studio wind machines, state-of-the-art cheap CGI, the yin-yang para-capability of the fist and palm, flying extras, fragile artificial sets, jackassed jingoism and ... you get the idea.

Before we go, we'd like to play fair and give Vijaykanth's Captain his due. Here's a clip that provides a "shocking" display of Captain's Laws of Electricity. [courtesy: JR], a sequence dedicated to a buoyant pair of sunglasses and a clip dedicated to properties of blood we were never told about and the power of the moustache.

mashup of the moment: The teen comedy preview department meets The Ten Commandments to give us ... this??? [warning: contains entertaining profanity]

desii tribute to Pennywise: a print ad for a new McDonald's in Pune. [courtesy: BoingBoing]

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