Thursday, October 17, 2002

the bright brrr ... continues today. I love this kind of weather, but that doesn't mean I stand unaffected. It's just a bracing refreshing change from summer and random rain. A lady at the bus station stared at me in horror and asked me about my lack of protective garments (she had a nice coat and sweater on, but they weren't doing too much good). I told her I dug this kind of weather. This brought a helpless smile on her face and my accent prompted the next question: Are you from London? (the justification of this question lies both in my accent as well as London's reputation for being cold and nasty). I replied telling her I was from India and the traces of British inflection and pronunciation were a result of the heritage left behind in the schooling by our once-rulers, the British Empire. She understood the references to places like Pune and Bombay and told me that she lived next door to Indian students. As it turns out, these were friends of mine from my former department. This encounter ended sadly and abruptly when both of us realized that the buses were running really late. She proceeded to another bus and I decided to walk to the train station. Coda inappropriata.

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