Friday, October 04, 2002

Lili follows me to Boston

... but it's still a great city!

I finally met Renu and Neeraj, ex-RMIMers and friends on the Pancham group. We met online a few months ago and have since exchanged loads of information and music. They have been great hosts and their music collection is to die for (ClichéMeter running wild).

Dinner tonight has been at The Kebab Factory ("Indian [cuisine] with a twist", said Neeraj and that's a very apt description). Great place set smack in the wonderfully quaint and chain store-free Cambridge downtown. The kabaabs are great and there are enough intriguing menu items that encourage repeat visits. R and N have been faithful patrons and I benefitted from the star treatment.

The evening was also punctuated by a surprise run-in with Ketan, another member of the Pancham group, who had been kind enough to provide me with a tape recording of the missing qawaali from Sholay.

Post-dinner, we spent a long (and I mean long: try 5 am as bed time) night listening to and discussing RDB's music -- especially rarities I had never heard before. What better way to wind up a week.

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