Monday, October 21, 2002

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Some Led Zeppelin, a handful of Star Trek TNG episodes and some of the music I had acquired over the last couple of days made up my time for the most part. I also got through the second half of Pukar (watch this space for more). The movie for the evening was Louis Malle's My Dinner with André. This overlong conversational movie will interest those with a philosophical bent and who don't mind watching a 110 minute long movie about two people talking. Some of the things they talk about are interesting, as are the two characters, and there's some Satie at the end of the film, but I don't think I'm going to watch this film again from start to finish, just little bits at a time. My emotions for the most part were reflected by the staff at the restaurant, who from time to time, indicate (sans dialogue) that these characters have overstayed their welcome at the hotel.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Spent the day introducing some friends to Sona Imports ending up making a few purchases myself (my desi music binge is taking over my life)

* Kaisi Yeh Judaai (a compilation of songs apparently dealing with the pangs of separation)

* Voices (a collection of songs sung by a host of Hindi film music legends)

* Maachis

* The Ever Versatile Kishore Kumar

I also had the opportunity to visit Texas Sari Sapné {there's a photograph and brief description here}. The inner room of the store houses a modest collection of well-priced music with some good deals on both old and new music. Their tape collection is one of the best I have seen in this city so far (of course, I refer only to Hindi film music). Interestingly, they have trays for Bengali, Tamil and Telugu music as well. And I lost some more greens here:)

* Gurudev and other hits of 1992

* Gang (and a bonus CD of Love Birds)

* Daayra (a very underrated score by the much-maligned Anand-Milind)

* Manoranjan/Anamika/Paraya Dhan

* Parichay/Khushboo/Kinara

Pukar: Pre-intermission.

Friday, October 18, 2002

My trip to the Indian store got me two more rental DVDs: Pukar, this positions the Big B in the struggle to liberate Goa from the Portuguese (the other historical Bachchan effort was the Manmohan Desai migraine inducer Mard; and Arjun. I also picked up a compilation of Dharmendra hits titled Hum Bewafa, which includes the often-forgotten Morricone-influenced RDB song Raju Chal Raju from Azaad.

The movie to end the week was the howlarious gore-fest Bad Taste, which makes it both clear and unclear how Peter Jackson ended up helming The Lord of the Rings. The latter is also the reason the tongue-in-cheek blood-and-guts tale of four dimwits taking on a bunch of aliens who have decided on humans as the vital ingredient for their intergalactic food chain even made it to DVD. Watch this over dinner.

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