Monday, September 15, 2003

bouts of depression aka how I went masochistic over the weekend

So I found out on Friday that I had to work over the weekend. Demo. Stuff unfinished. Despite having done all that I had to do, there were things I was responsible for that came at the end of a pipeline, and the previous stages were still in flux. Resentment galore. Coupled with the possibility of good weather (it rained when I returned home in the evening on Sunday, though).

The only movie I have at home unwatched was Chandni Bar. I am fully aware that despite Tabu's great performance (and having watched it, I strongly agree), its theme and execution make it one of the most depressing films ever. And one would think I would have gone smart and picked another more uplifting film. Nevertheless, after running through the gamut of emotions in the spectrum of frustration and disgust, I still managed to relish the film, despite its strictly downbeat approach. The only problem is that most of the events are expected -- we know that Mumtaz's life is going only one way: along a downward spiral. Wonder what Madhur Bhandarkar will tackle next (there's still the lingering fear of him going commercial ...).

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