Tuesday, September 09, 2003

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Calcutta Mail: Why have songs in this potentially realism/humanity-drenched effort? Sudhir Mishra seems to have gone ga-ga-gagged once again (the songs from Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin survived longer than the film), adapting a Chiranjeevi-Anjala Zhaveri Telugu flick (Choodalani Vundi). Wonder how many of these songs actually feature in the film? Nothing special encountered in the first round of listening. Perhaps repeat hearings will lead to more conclusions ... {sudhir mishra disowns the film}

Inteha: Sa Re Ga Ma discovery and Ismail Darbar favourite (remember Devdas?) Shreya Ghoshal returns to dominate the tracks of this album. Sensing a potential hit, the tracklist features multiple versions of Dhalane lagii hai raat, which although a good melody, suffers from some Malik-patented puffy orchestration and engineering, along with a strong echo of Suno naa from Jhankaar Beats. Incidentally, the film marks the on-screen début of Ashmit Patel, brother of starlet Amisha Patel. Grief! Hamasafar chaahiye is a decent melody with some nice fills (and a lot of "this sounds so familiar" vibes), the only irritating aspect being the issues with pronunciation that Udit Narayan and the female chorus seem to suffer from. Gaah! {thanks to JR for pointing out an instance of foggy memory as I mixed Darbar and Anu Malik/Kareeb and Devdas}

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