Monday, September 08, 2003

mithunda returns

to the so-called "A-list" again. With Elaan. Gautam Buragohain talks to the Bengal tiger and even poses some irksome questions. Here's the interesting extract:

MC: (Slightly irritated) What's your definition of A-grade films?
GB: Big-budget films with a big star cast I guess.
MC: Yeah, I agree that of late my films are not that big in terms of budgets and maybe in terms of a big star cast (as you said). But, none of them have been loss making ventures. All my producers have recovered and even made money with my films. What's the use of making mega budget films that flop? Eventually they turn out to be mega flops. Moreover, it doesn't make a difference to me anymore, even if my film flops. I have learnt to rise above flops and hits, because I don't have that Friday box-office fever any more. I'm at peace with myself. No more running after stardom. First you struggle to become a star, then you struggle to become a superstar, and after that you struggle to keep that slot, it's a never ending struggle. I purposely decided to opt out of this mad rat race, because the race leads to nowhere.

Well said, Mithunda.

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