Friday, September 26, 2003

news and wasted resources

After hogging media news thanks to (a) failed "chemistry" with Little B (b) starring in a TV series that indulged in the usual plagiarism but got a slap on the wrist this time around, Karisma finally got married. And got a few kiloquarts of web space (at least) dedicated to this affair. Clearly, we have nothing much to write/talk about. (Personally guilty even having VISITED the site!). Oh yes, and this is what everyone ate. Raucous laughter ringing down a dark autoreflexive corridor.

Update on RGV's MMBCH: the inevitable rediff portal.

Must also add a plug (the largest in the shop, please) for Amol Palekar's latest directorial effort, Anaahat. It has several great things going for it: Palekar helming it (the most underrated actor who epitomised the essence of the delicious long-dead genre of middle-class mainstream cinema, besides playing several memorable characters across different flavours of cinema; a director with enough variety in his small -- for now -- plate), a foundation in theatre (being an adaptation of Surendra Verma's Hindi play Surya Ki Antim Kiran Se Surya Ki Pehli Kiran Tak), and a great shot in the arm for Marathi cinema (the film's primary language is Marathi!). Cool. The good words are pouring in, but I'll wait to watch before I rave or rant (hope it's the former).

a nice little featurette on actors as composers, a look at Usha Khanna's career

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