Wednesday, June 23, 2004

clause 27

That's the red herring in Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent, the viewing of which gained a touch of irony given the release of Lakshya featuring Preity Zinta as a TV newsreporter (which triggered off another superficial Rediff feature). There's a lot to relish in the film as far as Hitchcock touches are concerned: deadpan humour, a protagonist unable to get people to believe him or anything he has to say. Specific classic sequences must include the famous windmill sequence (see also: The Manchurian Candidate) and the sequence where Scott Ffolliott (George Sanders) and Johnny Jones (Joel McCrea) use Carol Fisher (Loraine Day) as "kidnapped" bait to force Stephen Fisher 's (Herbert Marshall) hand, only to have Carol walk out on Jones and end up back home with deathly timing. Not a bad link in the Hitchcock ouevre.

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