Thursday, June 17, 2004

whither chastity?

Shaolin Chastity Kung fu is another DVD in the Wu Tang set. This is a vastly more action-packed flick than 18 deadly strikes. There's a fair amount of blood-letting, random violence, decapitation with a deadly punch, strange weapons, a monk who travels in discrete jumps (the first time you see him, it's in-the-background, poof, closer-to-you, poof, right-where-the-action is!), his rather artless pupil, tiring utterings of "Buddha be praised", another esoteric martial art form (named for the Buddha, but renamed to give the flick its bizarre title), a gang of kids who form the bulk of the resistance to the attack of a gang of nine no-gooders. All that and some stale village humour. Worse than B, overall, but still outstanding fun for some of that action.

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