Friday, June 04, 2004

light of day

An 80s tale of siblings played by Michael J Fox and Joan Jett. Can't believe this is Paul Schrader. The film fits the television rerun format, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. Triviamongers will have a lot to dig out of this one. Joan Jett's acting credit, for one. Jett belting out Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion. A bunch of rocking tunes. A song written and performed by Michael J Fox. A cameo by Trent Reznor as the keyboard player for a band called The Problems. And to top it off a title song written by The Boss himself. Schrader had discussed the film with Springsteen. Springsteen was wishy-washy on his interest, and ended up recording an album. He used the title of Schrader's film for the album (crediting Schrader, of course), and in return, wrote the title song for this film. The original title? Born in the USA.

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