Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hyderabad Blues II: the sounds of a rearranged marriage

The first time I found out Kukunoor was making a sequel was when I was listening to Fuzon's moraa saiyaa.N (Kamaaj) and started Googling around for more information about this Pakistani band. That's when I found not one but two of their songs featuring on the soundtrack to NK's sequel to his shoestring sleeper début. The soundtrack's up on Raaga and it's an eclectic mix and a welcome break from assembly-line demand-satisfying soundtracks generated by monolithic uninspired entities (aka "music directors"). aDiTappaa was Caliche's pop hit (or was it?) a few years ago (composed by Raju Singh). That's Candy, Liesel and Cheryl, get it? Fuzon's first contribution tere binaa kicks in next with strong echoes of Junoon, Strings and RDB's raamaa o raamaa. Up next is the salacious punchline of the original film extended to serve as the muse and motif for a full-length song that mixes pop, street talk, and lots of electric guitar riffs that unfortunately fail to overshadow some relatively flat lead vocals. Slipping through your fingers is the first of three Trickbaby songs. This is a Brit fusion effort mixing new age sounds with traditional Indian sounds. Mo' Bhangra Blues adds in a melange of sounds including an obligatory oye-oye chorus while centering itself around a simple guitar riff. more saiyaa.N is up next. The guitar melody that opens is oh-so-familiar (see also: tuu from Mumbai Matinee [movie notes, music notes]). Trickbaby returns with One Man and Sea of Stories. And we end with the dance-beat heavy strongly-reminiscent-of-Goan-party-songs Palace on Wheels, Aaj kii Raat. Stuff here isn't all that cohesive. And it doesn't make me want to jump out and grab myself a copy. Which means I'll have to wait to see how things get used in the film to get (hopefully) a better context.

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