Tuesday, February 22, 2005

a.nDaa curry anyone?

Following a typically faux-bizarre thread of pages I went from reading about n-grams to stumble onto a page on the excellent Language Log that dropped two words in synonymy -- malapropism and eggcorn. Aha! I hit the friendly link to the Eggcorn Database dedicated to defining and collecting eggcorns. Some of the examples are gems, but one of them in particular caught my eye: wry->rye. Now, I've been (ab)using this as a pun for a while -- stemming from seeing Jewish Rye Bread occasionally and also from my distaste for the clichés in Woody Allen movies. So I kept referring to it as Jewish Wry Bread. So my pun now becomes an eggcorn. This means that I have found a nice useful repository of puns as bad as this one <wink/>.

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