Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the sins of vinod pande

Vinod Pande's new movie Sins is treading the familiar path of controversy. After going gaga over the salacious promises of the market with Dhoom, Yashraj Films chose to distribute this flick as well. Controversy is a nice way of marketing products whose artistic intent is questionable. Pande is keen on going ahead with the Feb 25 release date and chooses to ignore the protest from some members of the Catholic community (called the Catholic Secular Forum -- I sense an element of paradoxical irony there, but never mind). In all this, we note that (as always) the people protesting the content of the film have not even seen it. We also note the similarity to the sleep-fest Monsignor (and it might even make this drone look like a masterpiece). And Vinod Pande fails to be consistent in his stand about the film. After lamenting the protests ("If they watched the film, they would know it is a sensitive and touching tale. It is a bold film but it is neither cheesy nor sleazy, I promise you."), he goes on to chop off the branch he is sitting on ("Sins IS bold. You'll see a lot more nudity on screen, and parts of the anatomy never seen before. But they are aesthetically beautiful scenes."). Dude! Are you trying to make an argument for art or try and sell porn?

Speculation that the skin-flick fetish is on an ebb, but I wonder if it was ever on the rise. The section of the media in India devoted to film and entertainment seems to be taking more tips from their American counterparts -- create a trend, and then blame the residents for it.

And the Jijy Philip movie for The Factory (or The Factory at Work) makes an appearance in the early preview (aka no trailer) phase, my wife's murder. The Factory page is here. Faithful followers will recognize this as a consolidated repackaging of Galti Se and Jaan Boojh Ke (nice idea that was ... pity.) [more thereabouts]

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