Thursday, February 10, 2005

slash ... with panache? [plugged from a Hysteria Lives! review]

DVD cover
Out came another sardine can DVD (4 movies) called "Great Horror Classics" (Volume 5 as it turns out). 'Tis but a collection of B-scarefests, and may be found lying in the discount shelves of stores like Best Buy. A purchase two months ago, it lingered on my bookshelf for a while, before I finally opened it up yesterday. Perhaps for the irony of watching a slasher flick set in Christmas time on Ash Wednesday. The film itself (Silent Night, Bloody Night) can easily be mistaken for a cheap giallo, but the English is enough to set you straight. Horror veteran John Carradine was the only face I recognized (and he played a mute!). Despite the obvious cheap production quality, and the strange quality of acting, the film had its moments of atmosphere, strange exchanges of dialogue, killer POV (what was the first movie to do this, I wonder...), and a twisted plot that benefitted from the equally twisted (budget-constrained) explanation. Apparently, some of the other people on the roster enjoy cult status: Mary Woronov, Cindy Darling (an Andy Warhol regular) and Ondine (another Warhol favourite). Looks like my list of Bs has a few more additions.

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