Tuesday, February 22, 2005

it's all about seeing dead people

Stir of Echoes suffered for appearing at around the same time as MNS's The Sixth Sense. And if the stats of IMDB are to be believed, SoE cost less!! Never really like TSS that much. Didn't deserve all that hype. This quiet flick won't score high on the chills and thrills scale, but it has its moments and a slew of honest performances. Not sure what it is about Kevin Bacon. A very very interesting actor indeed. James Newton Howard has a couple of interesting cues on the score, and I liked the subtle F/X during the "icy" visitation sequence. The film is based on Richard Matheson's novel of the same name and there's a related in-joke when the babysitter is seen reading The Shrinking Man (the source of the famous The Incredible Shrinking Man). And I liked the ([un]intentional?) counterpoint offered by Kevin Bacon's T-shirt that read "social distortion". The end credits note special thanks to Brian de Palma and Steven Soderbergh. No idea why. A decent way to spend 100 minutes. And now if I can find The Omega Man somewhere ...

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