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bombay beats: a year later

Can't believe that it has been a year since I last explored eBay for offerings from Bombay Beats. WARNING: All URLs to the eBay pages will turn invalid once the auctions are done.

HADSAA Bollywood BOMBAY FUNK OST: HADSAA!! (An Incident). For a title like that we'll do anything!! A Wicked Kalyandi/Anandji score from the 80's. You would almost believe it's a Bappi, so many samples here. Disco, also heavy funk. First Top Track is "Disco Cammata," a Wild Men's Instrumental with a tribal beat, screaming savages. Ultra weird Moog effects all over the place that are designed to fry your brain. Then there is the title song song with a splendid beat, with bells & locomotivs. Absolute hilarious Climax is the Disco Hit Track from the album. Y.O.G.A. !!! Yo! Now do the Y.O.G.A. with this Indian Film Hero. Cheesy Bombay Disco Bombast. Obligatory material for every serious, internationally oriented aerobics collection. The hero informs us about all styles of yoga: "Karam Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Karo Yoga, Yoga Yoga Yoga!!" Keeps you perfectly fit !!India 1982 [
I caught this flick again when back home in December 2004 and I can attest to two things: (a) it's a bizarre movie; (b) the YOGA song is a veritable certifiable classic

Muqaddar ka Sikkandar KILLER BOMBAY FUNK: If you're planning a Bombay funk dance night, this record will do all the work! The song "Pyar zindagi hai" is so damn hard and sleazy! It doesn't get funkier in Bombay for sure. Composers Kalyandji Anandji ripped Lalo Schifrin's version of "Jaws" for the hypnotic groove and it is far superior with dangerously funky drumming. First, in the middle of soundeffects, a sexy female voice invites us: "Hey, you dig this sort of music he? You like it! So why don't you come join in lovers paradise!" and there we go on a crazy, hypnotic, ecstatic, sexy funk ride. And this is the unabridged version and lasts over 6 minutes, with several great breaks, beats and strange mysterious intermezzi in which the beat goes on. The best Bombay floor filler! Singing is very aluring and hypnotic as well, with giggles and "ah and ooh". And, remarkable: Lata going sleazy here. The track is sung by both Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Boshle.
Rest of the songs are funny, beautiful or boring, but there are plenty strange and funky passages to be used. "Rote Hue" is also funky with very beat oriented passages. O saathi Re is a very beautiful song. And what a blood filled cover. India 1978

teesri manzil 60s DetectiveFilmNoir RD Burman BOLLYWOOD: Legendaric, very rare soundtrack to the 1966 Detective Film Noir Teesri Manzil aka "The Third Floor". Burman had done some films before but this was his first score that hit the right spot HARD. He introduced his typical sound, a new mix between Hindi filmmusic and Western Beat & Surf & Rock & Roll music played on Western instruments & Indian percussion. Young India was stirred alive and went massively to the cinemas.
Listen to the the opening track, a completely DEVASTATING Title Music, with nerve breaking detective suspense and heavy secret agent horns. Berserk Organ, violins and strange effects.Absolutely unheard of, absolutely cool. There is even a tape recorder effect! Absolute top in the Indian detective genre, which means, as it often does: absolute top worldwide!!! And the rest of this score is filled to the brim with groovy surf, mod & R&R! India 1966

Hum Kisise Kum Naheen bollywood MOOG FUNK INDIAN OST: Classic funky soundtrack by Rahul Dev Burman with a great colourfull gatefull cover that folds open in the middle. 'Bachna ae Haseeno' has the funkiest intro ever, and is a whole instrumental in itself. Groovy brass section and a spacey Miles Davis Solo.
'Chand Mera Dil' is introduced by weird weird keyboards and equally weird trumpet, which sets pace for a psychedelic Indian tuned percussion beat. Again an instrumental in itself! R.D. Burman's Moog goes wild in the intro of 'Mil Gaya Ham Ko Saathi. Many psychedelic things going on.
This album has loads of samples & breaks and an incredible fat sound too!! India 1977, EMI PEALP 2005 original cover with 2 doors

wild INDIAN SOUNDTRACK EP: Purab aur Pachhim: Soundtrack to the 1971 movie 'Purab Aur Pachhim' which means 'East or West'. It is entirely devoted to the in Indian Cinema central theme Western Modernity versus Indian Tradition. Read: Whiskey, Smoking & Free Sex vs. Good Family Life.
On this EP uou find an incredible groover! In the song, the westernized hip chick Priti tries to teach the hero Bharat English songs like 'Twinkle Twinkle little star'. The guy turns the songs immedeatily into an incredible raw, steaming Hindu party, blending it fluently with oriental hindi song lines. Savage drums, loud percussion. The singing has very uncommon timing, incredibly groovy and infectious. Now and then the rhythm halts:
Priti: 'You Fool!'
Bharat: (rhythm starts again) 'every- bo-dy is a fool, ba-by!'
Priti: 'Oof!! What do you want?!?'
Bharat: (rhythm starts again) 'I ....want is a chan -ce, ba -by!'
Your audience will jump & sing along to this oriental macho version of 'Twinkle Little Star' & 'Jack & Jill' rough-style, dancing like madmen. If that's beyond good taste, you might find yourself in front your own stereo, going berserk (at least I do). Forget about modernity. Throw off your suit & join the tribal dancing. This is the best introduction into traditional Hindu wildness you'll ever get. India 1970

Upaasna Frantic Jazz beat BOLLYWOOD OST: Wow! One of the wildest OSTs of all times! Great cover with Helen & Mumtaz, which pictures the sleazy westernized nightclub life which seemed to obsess 1960&1970's India.
And the 10 minutes track 'Meri Jawani' lives up to the cover! The music is by Indian sleez-jazz masters Kalyanji/Anandji and this is one of their incredible highlights in the genre. A paralysing multitude of themes, melodies, genres and instruments pass by. It takes them 4 minutes and at least 12 diffenrent themes to come to the song itself, sung really beautiful & intoxicating by Asha Boshle on a relaxed jazzy groove. In between the track builds up with horns and percussion. It builds and it builds, hysteric flutes, strange noises & rattles, strings of whole piano's being hit and finally it explodes into a frantic bongo madness with bone squeeking screaming. This is so rich, and so weird. Beyond any category. Listen yourself.
Next to that: a very beautiful duet between Rafi & Lata, and a very long mad mad beat track by Asha full of screaming organs and a nice, sexy jazz intro. Very worthwhile. India 1975

DISCO DUNIYA BOLLYWOOD DISCO moog: Mad cheesy Non-stop Lp with DISCO versions of your favourite Hindi hits! Including Hare Rama hare Krishna, Rambo Ho Samba Ho, Don, Qurbani, The Train, Lawaaris, Karz, Sholay (Mehbooba Mehbooba), Teesri Manzil and many others. True, the vocals are often not too digestable, but many mad, cheesy and funky musical things going on in between. India 1982

DANCE DISCO DANCE Bollywood disco Bappi & Burman: Another Bollywood Disco exploitio album with disco tracks from different soundtracks. Contains the great funk lounge track from JOSH and the amazing horror funk intro to Burman's DAULAT, the disco trash track of ARMAAN ramb-ho, disco trash from YEH NAZDEEKIYAN, KARZ, MAUT KA SAYA, NAMAAK HALAAL and the spiritual disco from PYAAS om namae shiva. India 1982

CHAL DISCO CHAL bollywood disco stevie wonder: Another crazy Bolly-Exploito-Disco highlight by Bombay's own PETER MOSS, sung by Musarrat an Sharon. Contains the mad deep discotheque track CHAL DISCO CHAL and DEKHO DEHKO, a STEVIE WONDER COVER, and another disco cover DIWANA YE HE DIL of which I forgot the original

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