Monday, March 21, 2005

I like a man who arrives before his printout [march 20, 2005]

I'm not sure what kind of film The Coca-Cola Kid was meant to be. This is the tale of a "genius" Coca Cola marketing exec who travels down under to improve market penetration and finds a formidable adversary in a valley owned by a rich man who makes his own soft drinks. With a basic premise of that kind you have the potential for a chick flick, a platform for commentary on the evils of capitalism (in different forms), an excuse to make jokes about Coca Cola and (hence?) corporate America, but get your share of laughs on the way. The film (well, most of it) manages to do all this and more. That alone makes for interesting viewing.

Loved that Coca Cola jingle, the chance to see a didjeridu, the nice overhead shot of a little mouse exploring the hero's boots, and the presence of The Americans Baby by Frank Moorhouse (which served as one of the two collections of short stories that this film derived its screenplay from).

And since The Big Red gets referenced so heavily, the film opens with a set of disclaimers that can only serve as instructional templates for anyone attempting to parody another big corporation:

  • the film is a work of fiction. neither the film nor its makers have any connection with the CocaCola company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. the CocaCola company has not licensed, sponsored or approved of this film in any way.

  • all persons, events and characters in this film are entirely fictional. the film in no way purports to present an accurate account of the activities of the CocaCola company, its subsidiaries or affiliates in australia -- past, present or future

  • CocaCola and Coke are registered trademarks which identify the same product of the CocaCola company. the dynamic ribbon device is also a trademark of the CocaCola company.

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