Tuesday, March 29, 2005

return of the living dead 3 [march 28, 2005]

Perfect random small-time horror flick. Haven't seen the two movies that preceded this tired tale of the ill consequences of trying to revive the dead for military purposes by exploiting the side-effects of Trioxin. The film has adequate amounts of detailed gore and unpleasantness, and everything is rendered with the "naaTak in generals" approach. Extraneous lines like "Damn it! It's a dead end" abound. There's an interesting poster bearing the tagline "Life, Sex and Death" that underscores one of the implicit equations of most horror flicks. People pronounce "route" as "root", which is not the American way of doing things. Brian Yuzna's directorial credit gets an unexpected once-more during the opening credits. Wonder what dialling 1-800-DRINK-UP will do for you. The word "exoskeleton" gets subtitled as "ecto-skeleton" throughout the movie. And if you're a movie history buff you should find the quote from Bride of Frankenstein amusing. Interestingly enough, Brian Yuzna was also associated with two other films that might have influenced this flick: Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator.

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