Friday, March 04, 2005

mithun does naach

[thanks to Aditya for the heads-up]

Oh yeah! B-mongers rejoice. With a title like Classic-Dance of Love, there's definitely hope. And the film marks the reunion of B. Subhash, ze Bengal Tiger himself, and Bappi Lahiri. The soundtrack boasts a lot of funk and samples from A R Rahman, Harry Anand and South Indian movies, strains of tere mere biich me.n. I kinda liked the soundtrack, but YMMV. Trivia-mongers will note the importance of Sukhwinder Singh's appearance on the soundtrack. Remember Naachnewale Gaanewale? If you don't, stop reading at this point. B. Subhash gave Sukhwinder a break with that movie, and it looks like SS has returned to pay his debt -- with the title track for the film. So while you wait for the film itself, take a break and fall off your couch with the synopsis of the film. A series of extracts follows verbatim:

Doli (Meghna Naidu) is a bar dancer, a beauty in full bloom, dances to entertain her customer, drawing false vision of lust and arousing passion in men through her sensual body movements.

Nature had begun to audit Doli's account with a red pencil.

A victorious smile cures his lips, as Acharya cannot resist the lure, the forbidden joy of passion, which he always condemned -- SEX.

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