Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the rediff poop-fest continues...

You would think that with the piecemeal interview (not sure how many printable pages it comes out to because their "Print this article" hyperlink opens up a small browser window that proclaims "Can't contact servlet runner at") with Kamal Haasan about Mumbai Xpress [link to article], the Rediff folks would refrain from tripping the line fantastic between fact and fiction when it came to choosing a header. 'Mumbai Xpress is better than Munnabhai!' it screams. Read through the article and you will find no proof that KH ever said this. The only time he references that over-rated treacly headache is in the following fragment (with some colour coding to help you see what I am talking about):

How does this compare to recent quality comedy fare, like, say, a Munnabhai MBBS?
It's way different. You'll see. The performances are far superior. I mean, I did the remake down South, Vasool Raja MBBS, and I still feel Munnabhai is a much superior version.
But what I feel is that it's hard to get a performance when everybody does so well. Boman Irani is such a fabulous actor that if he does anything less than excellent, the audience will lynch him. So, leaving him out, if you look at Mumbai Xpress, the performances are unanimously far superior.

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