Tuesday, April 12, 2005

yet another rambunctious ripoff

The Bhatt camp is back. Vikram Bhatt gets screenplay credit. The directorial reins fall in the hands of Girish Dhamija, a regular Bhatt camp contributor to script, screenplay, and dialogue. The film is called Yakeen (now if only Priyanka Chopra would do good on the promise in that pose on the poster ...). And the source (*trumpets*) is a 1991 Wolfgang Petersen film called Shattered. Tom Berenger's Dan Merrick becomes Arjun Rampal's Nikhil Oberoi, Greta Scacchi's Judith Merrick becomes Priyanka Chopra's Simar. Oh boy!

Irony and coincidence: Guess what? According to IMDB, Shattered was referenced in the American version of The Ring (it's one of several video tapes seen on a shelf); and I just blogged about that whole cycle of films in a previous post about another forthcoming ripoff, Naina.

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