Friday, April 08, 2005

w(h)ither english ?

There is a small tidbit running about in syndicated form on several desi entertainment portals about Urmila's next movie Naina (Let's ignore the reasons why I keep thinking about Blink). The text seems like the product of linguistically challenged forms of life. Take the title: Urmila plays a blind in Naina. A blind what?? Aardvark? Rhinoceros? Pseudopodium? And then near the end we have another eery thriller. A simple tree-killing or electronic dictionary would have helped. Or even using a component in a very popular word processing package from the M-zone. Hope there are no typos in this post, though.

Aha! Bollywood decides to follow in the footsteps of major Hollywood steps along another avenue: remaking Asian flicks. What started with The Ring [the cycle of the films] (let's not even begin to discuss blocking the theatrical release of the original, releasing the US remake, and then unblocking the original), continued with its sequel. While the Urmila starrer prepares to hit theatres, it draws attention to the original, a film called The Eye. A US remake is already in the works. Let's see who gets to the finish line first. Incidentally, even though it took me some googling to get my answer, I should have just gone down the straight road. The IMDB page for Naina provides a link to the original in the movie connections page. As if that weren't enough, it turns out that the guys responsible for the original, the Pang brothers, were editors on Infernal Affairs.

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