Saturday, November 12, 2005

how true ... yet how polar

In an interview with Shobha Warrier (titled, in true marketing flair, "I want to write Rajnijant's[sic] biography...", Roopa Swaminathan, author of the National Award-winning book, Star Dust: Vignettes from the fringes of the Film Industry, provides a pertitent note about Bollywood and Indian cinema:

Why did you decide to concentrate on the Tamil film industry?

For a couple of reasons. One, I genuinely found more interesting people in Tamil cinema. They are altogether smarter and more passionate than those from Hindi cinema. Tamil cinema is a lot about wanting money, fame etc, but it's also about making different kinds of cinema. Technicians are constantly pushing themselves to become bigger and better. Secondly, I wanted to highlight the fact that Bollywood is not representative of Indian cinema. There's more to Indian cinema than that.

True. Very very true. And yet Bollywood wins by visibility. Tsk tsk.

On the other hand, some things in Kollywood still continue to be baffling: the recent development in the Khushboo affair is case in point.

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