Sunday, November 27, 2005

the peak of pointlessness

I'm convinced that the cream of our marketing talent finds gainful employment in Bollywood. Writing gaseous movie preview copy. Consider the "character sketches" provided for John Matthew Matthan's next venture Shikhar. We have peaks of ambition, idealism, conflict, deceit and devotion. And some nonsense about wine, women and wealth. Buried therein seems to be a conflict of environmental concern. And perhaps even a love triangle. And if you think the previews are going to give you some idea about what the film's about, perish the thought. The online preview merely provides a fragment from a jaded dance video for one of the songs on Viju Shah's soundtrack. How exciting. Clearly the people responsible for the character assassination and the people associated with producing previews were not on the same page. Or is the same peak? Time to jump off. Standing in line to pay your electricity bill seems more exciting.

As keen followers of movie naamakaraN ceremonies will know, Shikhar's moved from first being the moniker for a Ghai film starring Jackie Shroff with mijhik by A R Rahman (ishq binaa kyaa resurfaced on the Taal soundtrack). Then it reportedly landed in RGV's lap (although YT knows little else about this). Finally, JMM gets to use the name for his star vehicle.

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