Thursday, November 10, 2005

what's it with sujoy ghosh and bikes?

jhankaar beats
Liked the soundtrack for the one on the left. And the soundtrack for the one on below finds Vishal/Shekhar in Musafir mode (right down to Sanjay Dutt warbling again), yet slightly toned down; a nice mix of samples, riffs, melodic contours, and general TP. A lot less of the frenetic rock influences on Dus. And plus points for a new POV on Diwali greetings. So far, despite the echoes of Ah! My Goddess (thank Sudarshan for that tip; he's the anime/manga guy; I just read a few), the film looks promising. But then we have the annoying problem of Vivek Oberoi. Then there's a horde of cameos (including Karan Johar). Novelty is guaranteed.
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