Friday, November 18, 2005

mass mediocrity

i should vow never to hope for a victory for the discerning mainsteam (is that a contradiction in terms?) Bollywood audience. Rediff recently asked readers "which film's ending would you change?" The results are depressing (even though the ending is still one of Bollywood's biggest problems -- aside from the more common desire to cast lookers instead of actors in screen-hogging parts). Some of the responses are arguably reactions you would expect based on endings designed for impact (Ek Duje Ke Liye, Tere Naam). But, in general, it's rather depressing that all people (as represented by responses in this survey) go to the theatres to see "happy endings" No wonder Bollywood filmmakers[sic] are hell-bent on filling the space between the opening titles and the "ending" with tripe galore, filching plot points and techno-gimmickry merrily from all over the place.

addendum: In an IM exchange with JR points me another nugget on the page. The reader says "I wish Rajesh Khanna had survived in Anand" You frigging retard! The film's name was meant to serve as ironic counterpoint for the fact that Anand Sehgal, born in October, was terminally ill and yet managed to summon more joie [thanks for noting the dropped-E Abhishek] de vivre than your 10 pushte.n you puTTan!

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