Monday, July 24, 2006

anthony == cletis tout?

aka another ripoff?

There's been some buzz about the Sanjay Dutt/Arshad Warsi starrer Anthony Kaun Hai?. The Nose's tunes are already raking in the moolah. There's not much meat as far as story of Raj Kaushal's new film (Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Shaadi ka Laddoo) is concerned. Providence, however, led me to a film called Who is Cletis Tout?. Lo! The similarities are scary.

Critical Jim is a hitman who "sees everything in terms of movies." Tim Allen's character maps to Sanjay Dutt's Master Madan (nice name that; was the reference to the child prodigy who died in 1942 intentional?).

Trevor Allen Finch is a forger with an identity crisis (that's the Cletis Tout/Anthony angle for you). On our end, we have Arshad Warsi's character Champ, an "ace conman who's changed his identity more than his underwear." What do we have next? The Soggy Bottom Boys?

Richard Dreyfuss and Portia de Rossi play Micah Donnelly, a magician-thief and Tess Donnelly, his alluring daughter. Jump cut to Bollywood and we get Raghuvir Yadav as "the ingenious magician Raghu, who can work magic with his deft hands. But one trick too many costs him his freedom."; we also have Minissha Yahaan Lamba as Jiya the "beautiful daughter of ingenious magician Raghu."

More mappings will be clear when YT gets a chance to catch both films; but this exercise feels so much like the discoveries on Rakht/The Gift.

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