Monday, July 17, 2006

mix of ephemerals and some more about the only one

[the last time we mentioned Mimoh]

First, we have (courtesy: amit varma) a ... um ... "mad" cow. Actually, an opinionated one. NSFW. Please relish.

Then we have Amyn Kaderali's "Call Center". An old link this, but it should still merit a few chuckles. Here's a direct link to the SWF for all you haters of pop-ups and extra mouse clicks.

Oh! My! God! Priyanka "the living woman I admire the most (in 2000) is Mother Teresa (who died in 1997)" Chopra turns 24. Please please make haste and wish her. [link courtesy: amogh, a fan of PC's contributions to mainstream entertainment]

A full-length article on Rediff yesterday announced that Mimoh was ready for action. A few people have pointed me to the article after recovering from ROTFLMAO sessions. Although devoid of any memorable nuggets, the article is still a fine example of the kind of disconnected stream of consciousness writing that adorns the Rediff Movies section. The names of the siblings waiting in the wings? Ushmey (Rimoh), Namashi, Dishani. A sample:

When I first faced the camera, I was petrified. My legs were shaking. But my first shot was accepted in one take. My father gifted me an Omega watch, as promised. He does not star in any of my films because he feels I will be overpowered by the image he carries. He will work with me later when I have proved myself.

I already have friends in the industry. Salman Khan tells me I should stay with him whenever I come to Mumbai. Abhishek Bachchan says he is like my big brother and that I should spend time with him. This is all because of my father and the respect he has in the industry.

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