Tuesday, July 11, 2006

all aboard with annavaru on the new texas

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After the rib-tic-tic-tic-tic-tickling experience that was eef you come today, the late great Dr Rajkumar is back. This time he's strumming a guitar (all on playback, of course, given the texture of the sound). It's all very much like the 70s in Bollywood with some nice chords. The film is Shankar Guru and the mukha.Daa is 100% English (Love me or hate me / kiss me or kill me / O darling please do something for me). The a.ntaraas derive from the salacious hints (if the subtitles are to be believed, my body is light and floating / your demands exhaust me) that laced several blues songs of yore. There's a Ravi vibe to the melody (I found myself humming the a.ntaraa of aage bhii jaane na tuu a few times). Quite entertaining in a kitschy way (is there any other?). All you can say is Aaaahhh!

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