Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new music

Both entries below contribute to the trend of titular abuse (see also: Ankahee, previous entry in thread).

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited: No patch on the original Pancham/Gulzar The "hip-hop fakers" vishal-shekhar notch up another dancehall pastiche with the title track (even the Abhishek Bachchan singing vehicle Right Here Right Now/ek mai.n aur ek tuu hai in Bluffmaster was more dancehall than hip-hop although the video didn't help matters much). Their real ace is the revisionist kyo.n aage-piichhe Dolate ho, which harks back to the black-and-white days of film and film soundtracks complete with nasal contributions and the like. The rest of the album attempts to comply with the "fun" that the film purports to offer. A humble request to the brain-dead people who compile and transfer soundtracks to CD: could you please put the original track before the remixed version? Sincerely yours.

Katputtli: strange spelling that. DOA Dev Anand discovery Mink turns producer with a film with confused aspirations (nothing surprising here). Must be tough to be " a psychological thriller with surprising and chilling twists and turns, which guarantee to keep you on the edge of your seat" and " an out-and-out entertainer, which will drive your blues away ". Her brother Punnu Brar co-produces and shares the honours on the soundtrack with Bapi-Tutul. mitraa nuu, with its Punjabi dancehall and rap, meets all the requirements of assembly-line déjà vu to merit a skip. Bapi-Tutul produce a decent nugget in man meraa: the guitar scores over fair vocals from Shweta Pandit and a bland contribution from Sa Re Ga Ma champion Gaurav Bangia. Punnu Brar scores a plagiarism ace with Wild Dreams, which cogs the melody of Sweet Dreams, filches the mukha.Daa (in a manner of speaking) with sweet changed to wild, boasts angry arrangements that echo Mother by The Police, and tosses in references to The Sandman. Brar's pronounications ruin niile aasamaa.N; even the guitar fills don't save it. Bapi-Tutul's raftaa raftaa is a little gem: the aural scape conjures visions of the angry desert with rock-revisionist vibes of Morricone and Cooder. Ishq Bector's Snake Potion is a sample loop waiting for clever rhymes to run over it. It just goes straight into the bin with mitraa nuu. Wait for the movie to hit the marquee before things go kat-putt.

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