Sunday, February 24, 2002

Ever wondered why a sub sandwich was called a sub sandwich? The submarine sandwich gets its name from the shape of the roll used. Passed under the guise of monikers like "Italian Hero", "Hoagie", "Grinder", "Poor Boy" and "Dagwood" this essential member of American Fast Food supposedly originated in Italy and had its humble beginnings in the US of A in the town of Chester, PA.
I owe all this information to Munchmaster and the AT&T Virtual Classroom.
While on the subject did you know that the Subway restaurant chain is the world's largest submarine sandwich franchise, with thousands of independently owned and operated restaurants spanning the globe?
It was the summer of 1965, "Help Me Rhonda" was blasting from the speakers of newly minted Mustangs and T-Birds. Lyndon Johnson was in the White House and The New York World's Fair was offering a hope-filled but commercialised glance into the future...(read on)

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