Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Trying to convince your colleagues and managers to switch to Python? Google has always been using Python. Check out the original Google paper, their hiring page, or the First Annual Google Programming Contest. For more coal to burn in advocacy, try Mark Lutz's Python advocacy page or the Python advocacy how-to.

Movie for the night: KAALA SONA
Ravee Nagaich's (unintentionally) hilarious, (unintentionally) risque desi take on the Westerns is rich with inappropriate dialogue, bizarre cuts, awkward camera takes, incongruous close-ups, numerous fish-eye shots and has everyone vying for a hamming title. Starring suave Feroz Khan, miscast Parveen Babi (she looks out-of-place in traditional Indianwear and cannot shake a leg), dimunitive (the camera emphasizes this sometimes rudely and often hilariously) bubbly Farida Jalal, Danny Denzongpa (who even sings a duet for himself in the film with Asha Bhosle) a one-eyed Prem Chopra (as Poppy Singh) and includes inconsequential cameos by Helen (with a well-tuned badly picturised dance number), Satyen 'now you see me, now I'm dead' Kappu, Jairaj ('did you miss me? I'm dead') and an ever-inebriated Keshto Mukherjee playing an aptly named character called Sharaabi. Rakesh (Khan) abandons his lifestyle as a playboy and heads north on a horse to avenge his father's murder. The killer Prem Chopra is also responsible for a massacre in the village and the disappearance of Chetan, the son of Thakur Randhir Singh and little brother of Durga (Babi) and Bela (Jalal). Rakesh runs into Shera (Danny Denzongpa) and gains an ally and disciple in his quest for revenge. Along the way, Rakesh finds time to win Durga's heart, Bela and Shera fall in love (per force, if I may add), and there is an anti-climactic tail-ender that is both unnecessary and irritating. Good tunes by R. D. Burman, although picturisations are hilarious and often jaw-dropping. A definite candidate for the B-movie library, this film includes numerous instances of people hurling other people into the air or onto the ground without a 'by your leave'. Strange!

Daily Readings for Lent
Isaiah 1:10-20
Matthew 23:1-12

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